Friday, February 26, 2016

Fat Tire History Tours of Bayocean

Sarah MacDonald waiting to give you a tour of Bayocean's history
If you'd like a personal tour of Bayocean's history on a fat tire bicycle, check out Shore Riders. Though nothing is left of the Bayocean townsite, Tony MacDonald will guide riders to locations where buildings once stood and his wife Sarah will pass on stories about them learned over the years from her father Perry Reeder. Sarah and Perry gave two presentations on Bayocean history at the Tillamook County Library and facilitated Grant McOmie's tour of Bayocean last year. Tony and Sarah offer tours of other beaches in Tillamook County as well. Pricing and contact information is at

Sorry to report that Shore Riders no longer is doing business as of summer 2018


  1. great idea, these bikes work really well on snow too. Becoming quite the "Rage".

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