Friday, May 26, 2023

Bayocean Losses Tallied

At one time or another, the resort town of Bayocean included everything listed below, as chronicled in Bayocean: Atlantis of Oregon. Absolutely nothing remains. 

59 Residences (not all stood at the same time; the number peaked at 36 in 1939):
30 slid to the sea, undercut by erosion 
  8 were deconstructed 
  6 were moved off the spit before it became an island in 1952
  4 burned down for lack of a fire department
  9 were burned, and buried to enable construction of the breakwater  that reconnected the island to Cape Meares in 1956
  2 had unknown fates 
Rock crusher: used to manufacture 3.5 miles of concrete streets  and sidewalks along High Terrace and Twelfth Avenues                Two schoolhouses
Machine shop 
Warehouses: at least two; many untallied outbuildings 
Kaaran Ann Kottages: a duplex
Cottage Park42 rental cottages (the number and style varied) 
Annex: 38 guest rooms and a restaurant
Amusement Pavilion: a three-sided structure including a bowling alley, billiard room, ice cream parlor, game room, and curio shop
Tennis courts
Bayside Inn: 24 guest rooms and a restaurant 
Three dance halls: at different times, the last put up by Reed College students when they ran the resort in 1921
The Mitchella mercantile with at least three apartments upstairs
Pierone quarter mile long, with a harbor for ocean-going ships
Water lines: run from Coleman Creek on Cape Meares
Sewer lines: run along High Terrace and Twelfth Avenues 
6-7 million cubic yards of sand: which would have filled a cube 545’ to  573’ on each side, roughly two Portland city blocks and the street between

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