Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Three Other Houses Moved From Bayocean

Previous posts discussed moving the Bayocean schoolhouse , Hicks house, and  Pagoda house(s) to the mainland before the November 1952 breakthrough could destroy them. Three other houses were moved, though only two remain. 

Photo of A.G. Beals house on Bayocean, which Sherwoods rented. Courtesy of Mike Watkins.
Jerry Schlegel says that when A.G. Beals (a prominent Tillamook businessman) heard Woodrow Chase was moving some houses off the spit, he paid him to move a house he owned, from just south of the Bayocean schoolhouse to a spot on the shore of what was then Biggs Cove. Barbara Bennett said Beals never lived in the house but rented it out. Since Beals had a cheese factory close by, it may have been occupied by employees.  The people who owned the house in 1976 replaced it with another. 

Photo by author
Buck Sherwood wrote that this house was owned by O.P. Brigham. The mover is not known. Jerry Schlegel said it would have been moved to Cape Meares between the fall of 1949 and February 1952. 

The house below was given to Jerry Schlegel in return for the work he did moving the schoolhouse and other houses from Bayocean to Cape Meares for Chase. Jerry lived in Forest Grove at the time but his family used it as a beach house for several years. It still stands in Cape Meares.  Bayocean owner unknown.

Photo of Schlegel house while still on Bayocean, from Bayocean
school scrapbook in the Cape Meares Community Center 

Recent photo by author of the house that was first owned by Jerry 
Schlegel after being moved to Cape Meares from Bayocean

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